Electrical cabinets: projects we are proud of.

Here are some of our completed projects: high-quality precision wiring jobs every time, from design to installation.

Progettazione 3D_icona


Thanks to the EPLAN design platform, our technicians can finally combine electrical engineering and 3D layouts to full interactive effect…

Container Macchi

Electrical Cabinets

Our electrical cabinets for automation and distribution applications are made exclusively by trained, experienced technicians….

Field Wiring

Field wiring demands great care when it comes to deciding on the devices, cables, distances and finishes…

  • Fast results.
  • Three-dimensional design.
  • Ongoing training to keep staff constantly up to speed.
  • An insistence on the latest design technologies.
  • Precision wiring.
  • Installations compliant with Italian and international legal standards.

Bianchi Quadri electrical cabinets: designed with ingenuity, built with total professionalism. We have the solutions you need.



We are highly experienced designers of electrical cabinets of all kinds and levels of complexity for every industrial sector: extruded plastics, metalworking, air and water treatments, and chemicals and pharmaceuticals.


Our technicians use the latest-generation 3D-design tools to develop software for PLCs by leading manufacturers such as Siemens, Omron and Schneider.


All our installations are fully compliant with all applicable legal requirements.
Every system undergoes exhaustive tests and checks to achieve certification to the CEI EN 60204-1 and CEI EN 60439-1 standards plus UL approval for the US market.
ercato americano.


We are a dynamic, close-knit young team that keeps constantly up to date on the latest industry developments. Our customers trust us to respond quickly when they need us.


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Young, vibrant, professional. A 15-strong team of designers and wiring technicians to build your automation and distribution installations.