• Advanced design software.
  • An insistence on the most up-to-date products and technologies.
  • 3D Design.
  • The new EPLAN PRO PANEL Platform.
  • Total confidence in the dimensions and functionality for every project.

We design your electrical cabinet with the best technology around

To design our electrical cabinets, we use the most advanced technical-drawing tools on the market, from EPLAN P8 and AUTOCAD to INVENTOR.

All our staff are fully qualified specialist technicians.
Whatever kind of system you need, we are fully conversant with all the latest products and technologies, without losing sight of your functional requirements and budgetary constraints.

Our design office uses the new CAE solution for 3D design of electrical cabinets and control units: EPLAN PRO PANEL..

This exciting and important investment enables us to offer all our customers 3D assembly services for the electrical configuration of electrical control cabinets, virtual 3D wiring design, 3D power distribution and copper rod configuration.

EPLAN PRO PANEL: a platform for designing in 3D

The EPLAN platform enables our technicians to combine electrical engineering and 3D layouts to full interactive effect. This gives them a clear view of every component or device and can even provide information for the subsequent machining.

The 3D files for the systems can be exported for inclusion in the overall design along with the electrical wiring diagrams; this simplifies any maintenance needed on the machinery once installed.

From a design perspective, this approach also allows us to evaluate the internal components’ measurements and overall dimensions, with a precision view of each element’s exact positioning within the overall complexity of the design.

Our continual investment in technology innovation and staff training is vital to assure our customers an all-round top-quality service every time.